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What Can I Do If I Contract An Illness While In The Hospital?

Going to a hospital is never a pleasant experience. We hope to receive the treatment we need from competent and caring healthcare professionals, heal from our injuries, and leave as Read More

Stuart Calwell Appointed Interim Class Counsel in Water Contamination Case

Stuart Calwell, one of the founding members of Calwell Luce diTrapano PLLC, has been appointed interim class counsel in Charleston’s high-profile water contamination lawsuit. In March, multiple class action lawsuits pertaining Read More

What Can I Do If I Think Groundwater Is Making My Family Sick?

Everyone has the right to enjoy clean drinking water. Water should be free from disease and pollutants, and in most cases it is. Local government units strive to provide us Read More

Mine Safety and Health Administration Proposes New Regulations to Curb Black Lung

Black lung disease is too familiar to many West Virginia families. When speaking of black lung disease, it is useful to remember that it is actually a common name used Read More

What Is Malignant Mesothelioma?

Malignant mesothelioma is a rare but very serious type of cancer. Mesothelial cells line your lungs, stomach, heart, and other organs and create a layer of lining called the mesothelium. Read More

Know the Symptoms of Poisoning

Unfortunately, children face a very high risk of unintentional poisoning. Recently, two young siblings from Albuquerque, New Mexico tested positive for lead poisoning from makeup purchased from Afghanistan. The older Read More

Can Pesticides be Harmful to Your Health?

With the multitude of products on the market to prevent pesky bugs, we often overlook the possibility that pesticides can be dangerous, but they can be very harmful to your Read More

Protect Your Loved One from Nursing Home Negligence

Putting your loved one in a nursing home can be a difficult and agonizing choice. For one West Virginia woman, the decision is one that is likely to haunt her Read More

What Are The Legal Requirements For Filing A Class Action Lawsuit?

The staggering awards recovered in class action lawsuits have captured the imagination of the press and the media. On almost a daily basis, newspaper headlines trumpet the results of the Read More

What You Should Know About Brain Damage During Birth

While some who live with cerebral palsy thrive in spite of their disabilities, as seen in the recent heroic acts of one Steven Ciccone in the most recent train derailment Read More

Who Can Be Held Liable in an Industrial Workplace Accident?

A workplace accident can occur in a seemingly endless number of ways. For James Gregory Davis, an on-the-job injury occurred when he was struck by a rubber-tired buggy that pinned Read More

Be Aware of Potential Prescription Problems Lurking in Your Medicine Cabinet

Pharmacies are supposed to help patients heal, but in many cases, the pharmacy causes more harm than good. Recently, a 6-year-old Texas girl died after her pharmacy allegedly gave her Read More

What Can I Do If I Was Injured In A Workzone Accident?

Road construction ahead. Be prepared to reduce speed. You have seen the signs and perhaps dread the orange barrels. Yet we love well-maintained highways that make it easy to travel Read More

The Real Threat of Dangerous Machinery

Every year, more than 1 million U.S. workers suffer an injury that causes them to miss work. Many of these incidents occur in manufacturing plants and similar workplaces, because industrial Read More

What to Do After a Trucking Accident

Truck accidents are one of the biggest dangers facing drivers in West Virginia, and truck-related accidents often cause the most severe injuries to the drivers and passengers of a smaller Read More

Industrial Workplace Accidents in West Virginia

West Virginia’s economy is driven by industrial workers. Unfortunately, many industrial employers do not provide proper health and safety standards. This can result in serious workplace accidents and injuries. In Read More

Viewing 49 - 64 out of 70 posts


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