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Pedestrian Safety in West Virginia

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, pedestrian deaths make up 14 percent of the total traffic deaths in the United States. As more Americans choose to walk or run for transportation or exercise, more pedestrian accidents occur. Pedestrians suffer a variety of injuries in collisions with vehicles As can be expected, when a… Read More »

How Distracted Driving Can Affect Your Case

The statistics speak clearly: driving while distracted is dangerous — almost as dangerous as driving intoxicated. However, the direct effect driver distraction can have on your personal injury case is not always so clear. The fact that the other driver was distracted leading up to your accident is almost always a very strong factor in… Read More »

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Traveling on a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than driving or riding in a car, not only because motorcyclists lack the protection of an automobile, but also because many car and truck drivers pay little attention to motorcycles. Even collisions that would be fairly minor if they occurred between two cars can cause serious injuries… Read More »

Keeping Records After Your Accident

You have a role to play in the success of your personal injury case, and that role often begins even before you have consulted with an attorney. From the very first day after your accident, you need to keep track of records and information essential to preserving the integrity of your case. After you have… Read More »

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

Injuries to the head can be devastating. A head or brain injury victim’s life can change dramatically, and his or her family members are often left overwhelmed by the amount and cost of care needed to assist their loved one. Years of physical therapy, loss of earnings and emotional trauma due to the injury can… Read More »

Product Liability and Defective Car Parts

Consumers rely on manufacturers to make products that are safe and designed in a fashion that will not result in injury. However, sometimes manufacturers fail to act responsibly when designing or producing products, including automobiles and their components. When you are injured in a car accident as a result of design or manufacturing defects, you… Read More »

Who Can Receive Wrongful Death Compensation in West Virginia?

When a loved one dies because of the inattention or negligence of another, the survivors may have a legitimate wrongful death claim. West Virginia law generally allows surviving family members to file a wrongful death suit up to two years after the fatal injury, though some special circumstances may curtail that time frame to a… Read More »

Statute of Limitations for West Virginia Personal Injury Claims

If you have been injured due to the negligent or careless actions of another, it is within your right to file a lawsuit to pursue compensation. However, the time you have to file your claim is limited. Every state has a specified amount of time during which an individual can file a personal injury claim…. Read More »

What Are My Options If I Have Been Injured In A Coal Mining Accident?

West Virginia is one of the leading coal producing states in the United States. Recent statistics show that in the year 2011, the last year for which data is available, West Virginia ranked second in coal production behind only Wyoming. Complete state-by-state production totals can be found here. While production is good, safety is not…. Read More »

What Can I Do If I Contract An Illness While In The Hospital?

Going to a hospital is never a pleasant experience. We hope to receive the treatment we need from competent and caring healthcare professionals, heal from our injuries, and leave as soon as possible. What we don’t expect is to leave the hospital in a worse condition than when we entered it. Unfortunately, that is exactly… Read More »