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Doctors Malpractice & Negligence Claims

Protecting patients’ rights in West Virginia malpractice cases

A medical license indicates a certain level of knowledge, training and commitment to administer life-saving care. Doctors who fail to abide by their oath and make harmful mistakes should be held accountable. Founded in 1976, Calwell Luce diTrapano PLLC focuses on personal injury and medical malpractice claims. Our goal is to recover maximum compensation for your injuries and to uphold the standards of the medical profession by holding negligent doctors responsible for the harm they inflict on their patients.

Proving doctor negligence

We must prove each element of your medical malpractice claim to prevail in your case. Our fastidious preparation includes collecting evidence showing:

  • The doctor owed you a duty of care — Your doctor accepts a duty of care when you become a patient.
  • The doctor breached the duty owed to you — To demonstrate breach of duty, our lawyers show that the doctor acted in a manner that deviated from the accepted standard of care expected from a physician.
  • You were injured because of the breach — Our attorneys link your injuries to the medical negligence and counter the common defense that intervening causes contributed to your injuries.
  • You suffered damages — We gather compelling evidence of damages, including diagnostic test results, photographs, doctors’ notes and witness testimony.

Doctors’ mistakes

You have the right to expect medical professionals to provide you with quality care and may have a cause of action if your doctor’s mistakes resulted in your injury or the wrongful death of your loved one. Our law firm helps you recover compensation if you encountered these careless mistakes in your treatment:

  • Misdiagnosis — Misdiagnosis of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness or infection may deny you crucial life-saving treatments and cause irreversible harm to your health.
  • False positives — Being falsely diagnosed with a terminal illness takes an emotional and physical toll, and it may subject you to debilitating and unnecessary treatments.
  • Prescription drug errors — You may suffer from serious side effects and drug interactions if your doctor gives you the wrong prescription or an inaccurate dosage.
  • Surgical errors — As more cosmetic surgeries are performed in doctors’ offices, patients are placed at greater risk of disfigurement, scarring, hemorrhaging and inaccurately injected substances.

Often medical malpractice claims involve multiple defendants. Our team investigates if doctors, nurses, lab technicians and medical facilities contributed to your injuries. If your claim arose from an incident that occurred while you were admitted into a medical facility, we consider if you also have a hospital negligence cause of action.

Consult our Charleston legal team if you have been injured by your doctor

For more information about medical malpractice claims against doctors in West Virginia, call Calwell Luce diTrapano PLLC at 304.400.6558 or contact our law firm online to schedule an appointment.