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Skilled Charleston Lawyers Pursue Payments for Auto Accident Victims

West Virginia firm has the resources to maximize damage awards

When you’ve been injured a car crash, the best way to obtain a suitable recovery is to retain a lawyer with a strong track record and the resources needed to fight for your rights. With nearly a century of combined legal experience, Calwell Luce diTrapano PLLC in Charleston helps injured victims recover compensation from negligent parties. Our West Virginia legal team aggressively pursues the people, corporations and municipalities that caused injury to our clients. Whether your accident involves a car, truck, bus, motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle, we demand that insurance companies honor their contractual obligations to you.

Effective attorneys take on insurance companies in collision litigation

Often, dealing with an insurance company immediately after an accident, while trying to recover, can be daunting. Our attorneys are experienced in assessing what a claim is worth and the appropriateness of any settlement offer. Before you sign an agreement, our personal injury lawyers will advise you on the issues that may impact your claim and/or case, including:

  • Claim options — West Virginians who have been hurt in a vehicle accident can seek payment from their own insurance company or file a third-party claim with the carrier for the driver at fault. You can also pursue a lawsuit against the liable parties. State law requires drivers to carry uninsured motorist coverage, which pays for damages incurred in a collision with someone who has no auto insurance.
  • Determining fault — In many accidents, both drivers are partly responsible for the collision. West Virginia’s modified comparative fault system means that individuals who bear some responsibility for the crash can still collect damages as long as the percentage of fault assigned to them is less than 50 percent.
  • Statute of limitations — You have two years from the accident date to file a personal injury lawsuit. Obtaining legal counsel as soon as possible gives you the best chance to locate key evidence and witnesses to bolster your claim.

From advising you on what to do immediately after an accident through the resolution of your claim, our attorneys provide the exceptional advice and advocacy that you deserve.

Dedicated counselors protect the rights of people hurt in truck crashes

An accident involving a large truck can cause devastating harm. Unfortunately, seeking proper compensation can be frustrating without the right legal guidance. Our seasoned attorneys understand the state and federal regulations that apply to commercial vehicles. We will investigate whether the collision was triggered by a violation of one or more of these rules pertaining to issues such as speed, vehicle weight and driver rest. By reviewing the situation thoroughly, we can initiate legal action against each liable party.

Knowledgeable advocates handle school bus accident claims

Although you entrust your children’s safety to the buses that transport them to school each day, these vehicles can be dangerous, and their drivers and/or bus aides sometimes lack adequate training. The unstable design of school buses makes them prone to rollovers, and their antiquated exhaust system might subject children to harmful fumes. In vehicles without seatbelts, children have no restraint system if the bus crashes. Our attorneys are committed to protecting kids and seek damages from bus companies and municipalities responsible for endangering the lives of young people involved in school bus accidents.

Contact an experienced Charleston car accident attorney about your claim

Calwell Luce diTrapano PLLC represents West Virginians who have been injured in car, bus, truck and motorcycle accidents. Please call 304.400.6558 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our office in Charleston.

Melissa Luce is the most professional attorney I have ever encountered. She was always available whenever I needed her. Ms. Luce was kind, patient and understanding throughout the entire process. She obtained awards in both of the cases she worked on for me and I would recommend her to anyone who needed legal representation without hesitation. They would be very fortunate to retain her.
-Anonymous, 5.0 Rating ★★★★★ Review From

Ben is an exemplary attorney who works hard for his clients. He has impeccable ethics and is well respected by the Bar and the Judiciary. I can recommend him without reservation.
-Anonymous, 5.0 Rating ★★★★★ Review From

These folks are good people, sincerely nice, and truly professional.
-Joshua R., 5.0 Rating ★★★★★ Review From Google