Everyone has the right to enjoy clean drinking water. Water should be free from disease and pollutants, and in most cases it is. Local government units strive to provide us with this most basic of human needs.

West Virginia, however, is home to a number of large corporations in heavy industries that cause pollution. Many of those companies are outstanding community citizens. They provide jobs and a steady income for the residents of our state and do their best to follow state and federal guidelines to safely discard waste and other pollutants. Sadly, some companies are not as vigilant about protecting the environment and our communities from the pollution they create.

When a company recklessly disobeys the law and does not properly dispose of waste or other pollutants safely, the damage can be catastrophic for the local community. One of the problems is that the chemicals can seep into the local groundwater supply, causing widespread illness throughout a community.

When this occurs, you can file a lawsuit against the offending company for violations of federal law. The Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act all allow this type of lawsuit. Yet proving that the groundwater is contaminated —and proving that the company was the direct cause of the contamination — can be expensive. In this case, filing a class action lawsuit can spread out the cost of litigation and help you recover damages for not only you, but for all your neighbors who may be affected as well.

If your children are getting sick for no explainable reason or if you believe that your groundwater is contaminated, a class action lawsuit attorney in West Virginia can help you determine if you have the grounds to file a class action lawsuit.

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