If you have suffered an injury in a car accident, you may need to negotiate a settlement with either your insurance company or the insurance carrier of the other driver. As long as you have provided an organized demand letter and have plenty of supporting documentation, your claims process will likely consist of just a few phone calls. But sometimes the process can become complicated, and it’s important to know what steps to take to ensure you get a positive settlement. Auto Accident Claims West Virginia The following are some tips for negotiating an injury claim with an insurance company:
  • Have a target figure in mind: As you begin writing your demand letter, make sure you already have a general idea of what your claim is worth. Decide on a minimum settlement amount you will accept and then give yourself plenty of room to negotiate so you are not starting off at your bottom figure.
  • Do not automatically take the first offer: When the adjuster makes you an offer, it could be a lowball to see if you understand what you are doing in the negotiation. Or, it might just be on the low end of reasonable. If you believe the offer to be just a little low, you can make a counteroffer that is a bit higher. This will indicate you are willing to compromise.
  • Ask for justifications for low offers: If your insurance adjuster makes a low offer the first time around, ask them to justify the offer -- and take notes. You can then do your own research and compare your findings to what the adjuster told you.
  • Get the settlement in writing: A vocal agreement is not enough. You must get the agreement confirmed in a letter to your adjuster and make sure you get written confirmation back.
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